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    Dean Lewis - How Do I Say Goodbye

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    Свежие песни 2022 - Dean Lewis - How Do I Say Goodbye
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    Текст песни
    Early morning
    There's a message on my phone
    It's my mother saying "Darling please come home"
    I fear the worst
    But how could you leave us all behind?
    There's so much to say but there's so little time

    So how do I say goodbye
    To someone who's been with me for my whole damn life?
    You gave me my name and the colour of your eyes
    I see your face when I look at mine
    So how do I how do I how do I say goodbye?

    When I couldn't you always saw the best in me
    Right or wrong you were always on my side
    But I'm scared of what life without you's like
    And I saw the way she looked into your eyes
    And I promise if you go I will make sure she's alright

    And there's no way you could ever let me down
    Gonna steal some time and start again
    You'll always be my closest friend
    And someday we are gonna make it out
    Just hold the light just hold the light
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