Omega X - Stand Up!

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    Текст песни
    Ahh turn it up ahh turn it up

    Show me what you got in the back

    I can vibe with it

    Cuz I think mile minutes

    Itsu datte any-nergy kanjireba

    Could be happy

    Itsumo no rūtin dakeja

    But too usual to get inside up

    Oretachi down and down

    For losing my mind say for non no-body

    Step step down let it to your rhythm

    Step down #TBT

    Me o tojireba poppin' light!

    Maybe tell me what you think about that

    Step step down let it to your rhythm

    Step down #OOTD

    Hora egao de! Nantenaww

    Get away got away bad way how?

    Stand up!

    Pull back n back tap your hands n yeah! yeah!

    Get rid of it? and that's maybe not

    Tomarazu ni step down
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