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    Stray Kids - God's Menu

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    • Дата релиза: 16.06.2022
    Свежие песни 2022 - Stray Kids - God's Menu
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    Текст песни
    Yes sir and ma'am

    Welcome it's easy to choose what you want in our kitchen

    Anything on the menu will satisfy all your five senses

    Even passing travelers pigeons magpies and crows

    Cooking a sauce get all you want

    Savor it lick it say it's bon appétit

    Taste so good everyone wants it

    All our dishes taste so strong

    We want it 'til we serve them all

    Do research and cross boundaries

    There's no limit we create our sound

    We just keep making and improving

    Because we're one of a kind

    No one can copy us this is our own game

    From the start it's been all ours

    Even if you go away for a moment

    Eventually you'll want us again

    Hottest menu that will never cool off

    Put those flavors on your taste buds
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