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    Ed Sheeran, Антитіла - 2step

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    Свежие песни 2022 - Ed Sheeran, Антитіла - 2step
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    Текст песни
    'Cause we're livin' life at a different pace stuck in a constant race

    Keep the pressure on you're bound to break something's got to change

    We should just be cancelling all our plans and not give a damn

    If we're missin' out on what the people think is right

    Seein' through a picture behind the screen and forget to be

    Lose the conversation for the message that you'll never read

    I think maybe you and me

    Oh we should head out to the place where the music plays

    And then

    We'll go all night

    Two-steppin' with the woman I love

    All my troubles turn to nothin' when I'm in your eyes electrified

    We'll keep turnin' up and go all night

    Oh we had dips and falls in our time

    But we know what it feels to be low then up alone then loved

    And all we need is us to go all

    Night night

    Two-steppin' with the woman I love

    Night yeah

    All we need is us
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