Lil Pump - 1st Off

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    Лил Памп 1 ст офф

    First off pull up in that Lamb (Ooh) chop off a swerve off (Brr)

    Second off I got ten white bitches off of Adderall (Woah)

    Third of all I'm shoppin' that Chrome Heart (Yeah) while you shop at Ralphs (Aye)

    Fourth of all smashed four hoes overseas and I hit 'em raw (Aye-aye yeah)

    I just bought two of the same whips I just pissed them off (Huh?)

    She talkin' too much to me my dick is gettin' soft (What? Yeah brr)

    Ice came from Eliantte (Woah) your is from the mall (Woah)

    Right wrist (Yеah) flooded with baguettes it's a watеrfall (Yeah baguettes)


    Playin' with my A&R li-like this shit is a guitar (Woah)

    Last week sipped like two pints (Yeah) to the face went to the E&R (God


    My maid is like eighty-eight years old and she takes Xanny bars (Huh? Damn)

    Off a 30 and I poured some drank I'm high as hell can't drive a car (Woah-woah)

    Florida boy Florida jit ridin' 'round with a dirty stick (Pop-pop-pop)

    My bitch told me "Stop sippin' on drank" so I kicked her out the crib (Bitch)

    Takin' yercs like it's Mucinex (Huh?) my ex hoe got syphilis (Woah)

    I know how to count money but I don't know my alphabets (No way)

    Put my nuts right in her mouth you the type of nigga to go kiss a bitch
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